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This is the PC that I have a the moment. 

During 2001, my workplace, offered all employees a "Home-PC" in Swedish terms, i.e. the company rented PCs on an 3 year basis with a monthly tax deductible  fee. This offer was too good to resist. This also meant that since 2001 I have two PCs in use under my roof. One Compaq and one Dell.

Compaq Presario 5900T
PIII 850 Mhz

When I had finished my studies I felt that a PII was too slow. In order to be able to play the latest games I needed more brain power. I decided to upgrade to a PIII.

To speed up the graphics I added a Voodo 2 card with 3dFX features

Dell Dimension PIII
After several years of Amiga obsession, it was time to move on to the PC world. It was not an easy decision and I almost ended up with a Amiga 3000. Fortunealy, they were out of stock, so I bought my first PC instead. Dell Dimension PII 66Mhz
Amiga 500 was the star of the show for several years. The graphics was fabulous and the games and the software was a quantum leap better than C64.

Amiga 500

After a year or two we felt that the Classic C64 was not enough. We upgraded to the re-furbished C64, but still without disc-drive.

Commodore 64

My first PC, or I actually owned it together with my brother. This was really a good toy in the 80:s. We played a lot of games such as Bomb Jack and Donkey Kong.

This was also the first step into programming PC with help of the simple program language BASIC

At the time we did not have the disc-drive, so we spent a lot of time waiting for the games to load via tapes. 

Commodore 64 Classic




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