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The big question is if you should call this type of phone. Depending on were you are in the world they call it differently. I have come across the following names

  • Hand phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Cellular phone
Motorla A780

Product Raiting: JJJJJ

Purchased 2004

Nokia 7650

This was a really nice upgrade. I got a camera in the phone and the user interface was more like a computer interface than a hand phone interface.

Purchased 2002

Product Rating:JJJJJ


Nokia 6210

This was just another phone, with no special features

Purchased  2001

Product Rating: JJJ

Nokia 7210

The new feature with this phone was the WAP function. It was promising, but I did not use it extensively.

Purchased 2000

Product Rating: JJJ

My first mobile phone

Ericsson 768

Purchased 1997

Product Rating: JJJ


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