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Canon PowerShot Pro 1- 8 Mega Pixel

This is a really good camera! The colors and the zoom is terrific!

Purchased 2004

Product Raing: JJJJJ

Sample Pictures

Power Shot Pro1 - 8 Mega Pixel

Canon Ixus 500 - Mega Pixel

One of the better "pocket cameras", with 3 times zoom and 5MB resolution.

Purchased 2004

Product Raing: JJJJ

Sample Pictures



Ixus 500 - 5 Mega Pixel

Canon S40 - 4 Mega Pixel

The Canon S40 was good as long as it works working. I had it sent in for repair a couple of times and late 2003 the lens broke with the famous error E-18. That was the end of the camera. Canon wanted 300 USD to repair it. Amazing!

Purchased 2002

Canon S40 - 4 Mega Pixel

Pentax Optio 430 - 4 Mega Pixel

This camera was stolen during Chinese New Year 2002 on the border of Thailand to Cambodia

Purchased 2002

Pentax Optio 430 - 4 Mega Pixel

Kodak DC240

This camera was stolen during a Norwegian Mid-Winter Ball in Singapore 2001 

Purchased 2000

Kodak DC240 - 2 Mega Pixel

Casio QV100 - 1 Mega Pixel

During spring 1997 I bought the QV100  It's a great digital camera. You pay an initial cost for the camera and the you can take as many pictures you want without spending money on developing films. Here are some fact about the camera:

  • Stores 64 pictures in fine mode (640x480 pixels)
  • Stores 192 pictures in normal mode (320x200)
  • Immediate preview of the picture on the LCD-display
  • Direct connection to TV and computer
  • Possible to load any pictures back to camera

Purchased 1997

Product Raing JJJJ

QV100 - 1 Mega Pixel



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